Tiger in Florida

Location: Funkytown Fitness

304 FL-312, St Augustine, FL 32086

Tiger Singleton Travels to Florida

First stop after completing his two month tour through Europe, Tiger lands in Florida to offer 3 days of fear-shattering events. The intent of which, is to expose the inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life; through seeing clearly the nature of self and reality.

Tiger is what others call, a modern-day mystic; someone who is able to simply and powerful clarify the human experience, so that the journey of being human can be one of joy, peace, courage and trust. Ultimately leading toward the willingness to follow one's heart and stand on their own authority in complete love.

Don't miss out on this transformative experience, it promises to be a huge hug for your heart, soul, and mind. This is Tiger's only scheduled series of events in Florida for at least the next year.

The Miracle You Already Are

August 11th: 7pm - 8:30pm
$15 Advance / $20 Door

The most profound discovery in this life, is not to acquire something in the future, it is to see clearly the truth of what you are, in this present moment. When we see the Self beyond the conditioning we're accustom to, a new world emerges. This new world, is a playground for the soul. Tiger will make it clear beyond all doubt, that what you are, is quite literally a miracle that waits to bloom with colors yet to be seen in your world. You, are the answer you've been waiting for.

Follow Your Heart; Courage to be You

August 12th: 7pm - 9pm
$25 Advance / $35 Door

The Freedom to be You, is the courage to move in a direction that resonates deeply with your heart. Most people, move in a way that looks to protect a fearful self image, or in a way that avoids failure at all cost; this only limits the human experience and keeps one at a distance from the joyful life they know exists somewhere. In this Lecture, or mini workshop, Tiger shares deeply powerful insight and wisdom that will expose the courage you're already with, and maybe don't even realize it.

All Day Workshop

The One Relationship

Connecting with Self, Others & All of Life

The One Relationship

August 13th: 10pm - 1pm
$65 Advance / $75 Door

In truth, there is only One Relationship that is real, and this is the relationship that exists between You & You. All other relationships whether they be with a person, place, or thing, are in actuality an external reflection of the internal relationship you have with what you are. The purpose of all external relationships, are to point you inward to expand, nourish, and enjoy the One Relationship which is real.

For if one cannot authentically enjoy what they are, the Relationship with their most sincere self, then there is no chance of authentically enjoying the manifest world.

Letting Go; Lack, Limitation, Fear

August 13th: 3pm - 6pm
$65 Advance / $75 Door

Whatever conflict, limitation, or fear we hold in relationship against ourselves, will by default be reflected into our external relationships with persons, places, or things. Likewise, whatever Peace, Freedom, or Love we allow in relationship with ourselves, will by default be reflected into our external relationships with persons, places, or things.

The opportunity in this 3 hour session, is to uncover the unconscious ways we project lack, limitation, and fear without even knowing it. It's a playful space to explore our connection and take total responsibility for the life we experience.

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