To be caught in a dream that sees only 1 side; internally restricting the flow of love.

To be fixated on the concept of Honesty, is to believe that honesty is better than the concept of dishonest. “Better than” in the way that honesty is more valuable or more true than dishonesty.

If one is fixated on the concept of Honesty, they will deem dishonesty as out of place or in the way. Ultimately projecting a form of ‘lack’ that says honesty is threatened by dishonesty. What happens here is that one side rejects the other, and this rejection is a separation that ultimately feels incomplete.

The feeling of incompleteness can be very subtle and yet very powerful in the way it affects how we see ourselves, others, and the world. Ultimately, this perception of outer incompleteness is a reflection of the internally perceive incompleteness. Our external fixation is actually an internal one; much like how a camera lens distorts the image being observed.

Fixation can seem very clear, however what is ‘clear’ is simply one perspective of 10,000 perspectives. It can seem very clear that living in Honesty is extraordinarily valuable and beneficial when it comes to living with peace, love, and joy. However, it would be absolutely impossible for you to experience peace, love, and joy, if it was not for the real life lessons experienced through the play of dishonesty.

When both sides are seen to carry equal value, there is a unification that emerges. In this, a gratitude arises for both honesty and dishonesty. Without both sides, it would simply be impossible to expand, grow, and experience new depths of real life liberation. Of course, the liberation in this case would be that the one perceiving isn’t bound by a fear that says other people should be honest, or other people should not be dishonest.

The classic trap of “should’ and “should not.”

This is the ultimate extension of freedom, to see that other people on their path are not better or worse than you, rather they are an equal expression that simply might be dancing on the other side of the coin. If they were not there, dancing, then you could not be dancing on the opposite end. If not for the view of another, you could not have your view.

In this space, we can see others with absolute equality that knows they are simply playing their perfect role. A role that is unquestionably no better or worse than your role. It doesn’t mean we have to like their role, or desire that role for ourselves; more simply it’s recognizing the importance of both roles and the inherent freedom for us to choose whatever role resonates most deeply.

There is also a Spiritual Fixation that reaches deep into many areas such as food, lifestyle, sexuality, practices, etc.

Remember, fixation isn’t a bad thing. It is yet just another experience that comes and goes. If you reflect on your own life experience, you’ll notice there were many times when you were so convinced of something, only to discover later on that it wasn’t ‘totally’ true. It’s a very natural part of the human process, so no worries or judgment about it.

The spiritual fixation is the belief that in order to reach divinity, wholeness or purity, one must do, act or think, in a certain way. It’s like saying… “in order to be truly enlightened, one must not consume beef, however fish and pig are okay.” Or, “in order to go to heaven, one must read the bible every day.” Or even better… “In order for the world to be at peace, everyone needs to stop {insert fixation here}”

Mental fixations restrict the flow of love, by not seeing the total picture. It’s like having love with conditions, saying something isn’t totally lovable because… {insert condition}. This condition, points to something within ourselves that we are unwilling to love. I cannot emphasize enough how ‘okay’ this all is, in the way of fixations rising and falling. It’s simply part of the process that opens us up to more receive or experience more of what we are.

Also let’s clarify that this doesn’t mean we don’t involve ourselves in the world. The invitation I’m extending is to recognize an opportunity that involves yourself from a space of absolute freedom. Freedom in the sense that you don’t need to accomplish anything, or fix anything, before you allow yourself to be with absolute joy and with a profound connection with all that is.

Remember, it’s all a reflection of how you see what you are. To wake up to the truth of you, is simply the falling away of limitation. Limitation in the way of belief structures that say “in this moment I am not whole, and something about me must change in order for me to be at total peace. {Fear/Lack/Shame}” This then becomes projected outward.

To see the perfection in all things, is to see beyond mental stories, concepts, and dogmas that by nature divide things.

You are not this and not that… and neither is anyone else.

We are all divinely and uniquely the same.
We are all, one.