Fire Of Sanity


Your body wrecks a man’s control,
leaving him weak
on his knees as he gleams
the presence of a goddess.

You destroy all comparison
as you shine with internal beauty.
A light that breathes through your skin
forcing a display of utter perfection.

This fire of you drowns my innocence
creating desire disguised as hunger;
afraid to let go and must, succumb
a movement that demands my surrender.

Your eyes, the clearest night sky
a depth not reached by anyone.
Standing alone I madly stare,
captivated and torn, my heart
enthralled with attention.

You compel me to break open
to explode with an addictive devotion.
Yield I must to this moment;
now your slave, as if I’ve been bitten.

Remembered as sensual ecstasy,
Never forgotten, an impossibility.
If this craving continues,
I just might lose my sanity.