Tiger in Finland

Tiger Singleton in Helsinki Finland

November 7th - 12th, 2017

Is it Time?

Is it Time?  Only you know that, so don't fool yourself.  Is it time to look within and see how it is that you are only in your own way?  This is a no-nonsense week, absent of any bullshit avoidance that desires to blame anything external as the cause of any internal restriction or lack of abundant Joy.  Yeah, this isn't exactly a cordial invitation.  In fact, I'm playfully encouraging you not to attend, unless you are absolutely ready to see the self imposed limitation and imaginary sense of self-importance that only restricts the flow of Love in your life.

I'm in Helsinki Finland for approximately 1 week, and we have room for 20 people most days, to dive deep into the miracle that's breathing through you right now.  Yes, you could pick a day or two to attend, and that's fine.  Totally.  However, how deep do you want to go?  And after you attend 1 or 2 sessions, and want to come back, only to find out that all events have been sold out.  Just sayin', but you're free.  If you can go, go; and go all the way.

What are we going to explore?  EVERYTHING.  

Secure your spot by registering right now, and prepare yourself for this explosive week, by spending a few moments every day, recognizing that you only thing you see, is what you see.  Question, "can I see anything, other than what I see; and in what I see, what do I learn about the one who sees?

I Love you, beyond your mind's ability to comprehend.  See you soon.


Tue 7th Nov. Conscious Life Design 24€ - only 20 seats

Tue 7th Nov. Conscious Life Design 24€ - only 20 seats

Wed 8th Nov. Connecting With All of Life 24€ - only 20 seats

Thu 9th Nov.
At Home, Always 24€ - only 20 seats
Myyrmäki, Vantaa, 6pm - 8pm daily.
Address will be given upon registration.

Fri 10th Nov.
How to Get What You Want Most,  Instantly
24€/ 29€(door - if available)
Joogakoulu Shanti, Runeberginkatu 43, 7pm - 9pm

All Day Workshops:

Sat 11th Nov.
Understanding The Opportunity of Where You Are

Sun 12th Nov.
Real Healing from Any and All Trauma, Pain, & Suffering

Lähde, Kasarmikatu 34B, Helsinki     11am - 6pm
85€ for the whole day, food not included

An All Access Pass for the weekend (Fri - Sun): 165€.

The WHOLE WEEK! €250 - Tuesday - Sunday


"The depth of pain you've experienced, is the depth of love and beauty waiting to be seen; only then, can you hold a profound space of healing for others who come to you with pain."  ~Tiger Singleton

"Authentic Connection can ONLY happen, if you are authentically connected to yourself. There is no way around this. If you avoid your own connection, you will be forced to try and manipulate connection, which can only result in others not be drawn back to you, or only begrudgingly so."  ~Tiger Singleton


Interview in Sweden

Tiger brought so much depth, integrity and warmth, in his presence and sharing. He shares a very non bullshit, direct experience message on; love, purpose, knowing the truth of oneself, and what real freedom means. He is ruthless in his way of pointing us back at ourself, to the inner wholeness and beauty - of what simply is. A lot of laughs occurred as well.
Kiki Nadia | Copenhagen Denmark

Watch LIVE, or watch the Replay

Tiger will be broadcasting Live Friday NIGHT from Helsinki


  • Joogakoulu Shanti, Runeberginkatu 43, 7pm - 9pm
    Price: 24,00 € Quantity:
  • 11am to 6pm (With a break for lunch - not included) Lähde, Kasarmikatu 34B, Helsinki
    Price: 85,00 € Quantity:
  • 11am to 6pm (With a break for lunch - not included) Lähde, Kasarmikatu 34B, Helsinki
    Price: 85,00 € Quantity:
    Price: 165,00 € Quantity:
    Price: 250,00 € Quantity:
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