Failure Of The Absolute, Finds Compassion


In the process of blooming, for most of us, there will be the tendency to ignore the human element of the personal. This happens naturally as we become fixated on the absolute, while not offering equal validity to the relative. When we do this, as I have done this, we create hurt in the hearts of others.

Yes, it is true that no one hurts you, and yes also, it is true that we have the experience of being hurt by others. There is a space where both exist equally. I say this, so that we might deepen our compassion and live with a greater harmony with our human family. I say this also, because I know this is an area that I have failed at miserably.

The failing, is an opportunity to fall deeper into humility and recognize that we are not more or less than one another; no matter how important we imagine our realizations to be.

Please forgive me, I am sorry, and I love you.

This failure we experience, is not negative, it’s natural. Ultimately it brings us closer to the truth that we are all one.