Everything Is Not About Money…Simply Share Love

Everything Is Not About Money

Everything Is Not About Money

It cracks me up every time, when someone says I shouldn’t be making money doing what I do; sharing about love and conscious alignment with life. What they call… spirituality.

It’s like what they’re saying is, that I should do LESS of what I do, and go get a job that helps someone else make money doing what they do.

Everything Is Not About Money

It exposes a lot of silly ideas we have about money, lack, and separation from cosmic support. Not seeing that money, like everything else, is simply a form energy -expressed as numbers and paper. Nothing happens, unless there is an exchange of energy; unless there is flow.

If you buy into the idea that money is limited, and that you’re not worthy of receiving it, then we project outwardly a distance from it. Such is this example, that people shouldn’t make money by doing what they love.

Everything Is Not About Money

Even the idea of exchanging ‘spiritual’ services for money is non-sense. Why? BECAUSE… everything is spirit! silly. Buwahahaha.

Every service is spiritual! You’re simply sharing LOVE.

You see, it’s not about what you do, it’s about the energy you bring to the table. Yes, you can offer ‘spiritual’ services from a space of greed, lack, and fear, but you can also offer said services from Love, Joy, & Appreciation.

For those who say others shouldn’t make money doing what they do, they’re simply saying that THEY do what THEY do from a space of fear, lack, and separation.

We only see in others what we see in ourselves.

Love you