Everyone Is Free To Shape Life


If someone adamantly disagrees with me because they don’t believe what I say, it bothers me not, because I don’t even believe what I say.

Belief meaning, it’s the right or absolute truth about the topic or subject matter. When commenting on the matters of what is true about the nature of self and reality, it’s kind of like 10 people looking at a cloud and asking…. What does it look like?

There is no right answer, there is only perspective. What I find incredibly valuable, is allowing for a perspective that has openness, freedom, and unconditional love. In this, as one is perceiving, there is a frequency being vibrated that matches that projection of reality. This frequency is what shapes our physical reality. It’s irrelevant if it’s true or not.

Everyone is free to shape life according to their own projection. However most people constantly project limitation, lack, fear, and deficiency, because they think it’s the only option. As if they want to be right, rather than open.

It’s all for play, silly. It’s an infinite landscape awaiting your interpretation. You’re Free to see whatever. So why not see love, joy, and abundance?