Equality of Innocence


Being human,

beyond pretence.
In this moment
a simple presence.

Out there a world,
images of racists rumors;
a fight for the ego’s survival,
with controlling the future.

10 billion
dancing minds
something to distract
helping time to go by.

Always caught
within some inner drama.
too much – not many
a fear of humility,
scared of emotional trauma.

We carry with us
a fragile yet heavy pain.
A quest to avoid self judgment
so we suffer our lives
with hope for an imaginary gain.

Possibly, god forbid we lose
and we have to surrender everything.
Well who really said it was mine,
who was the one to define?
Maybe this is the play of infinity.

Amidst every season
You are still here.
The end will be the end
So without pretence,
be human again.

If we give up this chase
of believing we are broken,
might there be a chance
to feel whole in this moment?

What could be wrong
with a beauty of diversity;
What ever happened…
to observing life with equality?

Not less than her
no more than him.
Forgiving every curse,
every stone thrown at them.

Being human
beyond pretence,
what is there to find
other than, our innocence.