**Emotional Evolution**


Emotions take you into your Self, They innocently invite you to investigate what is real, true, and worthwhile. Where they guide you, if allowed, is to a deeper experience into the fullness of what you authentically are. This is the evolution; it is the blooming into more Joy; which is only the reflection of a Self that see its Self more clearly.

Without the function of emotion, we would be clueless in our journey to connect with the truth of Self, or to the power of our creator potential. This applies specifically to the human being in our current space-time reality, as he or she moves from perceived separation into an embodied recognition of wholeness and unity with all of life.

To be clear, Emotions are not here to help you ‘get’ anything in the future. Please understand this element of the inquiry, as this will be a major confusion for many who are simply practicing spirituality so as to acquire a future experience or outcome. It is not to say the desire for an experience is wrong, it is only to say emotion is a present moment tool that functions as guidance toward Self recognition, rather than external acquisition.

To evolve emotionally is to be with more joy, a present moment joy that is independent of manifest circumstance. It leads to the opportunity to consciously choose an emotional state-of-being based on what is in alignment with your Heart’s most sincere desire.

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