Do You Desire To Expand Into A More Realized Life Experience?


Simple Question…

Do you desire to expand into a more realized Life Experience?

Meaning… do you desire to become more deeply engrained into the miracle of Life, rather than any sense of lack, limitation, or fear? Consequently experiencing more of the abundant nature of Life, and letting fall away experiences that reflect being broke, busted, and disgusted.

If the answer is yes, then simply… what are you willing to do about it?

Your old conditioning is going to try and keep you from expanding. The mind will tell you… “oh, I can’t do that, I can’t go here or there, I have important things to do like… (falsely feed the egocentric need of others so they don’t feel insecure).

In order to expand, at some point you have to stop, and say… “Wait… is this all really true? Can I really not go to Hawaii for 5 nights in December with The School of Blooming? Can I really not participate in programs and education that uplift my understanding of Life, Self, & Others?”

Or do you come up with excuses that continue to project judgments that come up with stupid ass reasons as to why your life is not worth a crazy amount of Joy, Love, & Connectedness with everything. Stupid Ass Reason? Well… you decide. At what point are you going to stop lying to yourself about how small you are?
“I don’t know if it will work for me?” Why? Because you see yourself as what, not good enough? Stop that shit.

“I don’t know if I can afford it?” Why? Because you know the future and aren’t open to miracles unfolding before your eyes? STOP!

Just Decide that You Are Worth It, and then move forward. It’s Called Trust, man! Faith! Move as if it’s already done. Let Life take care of the details. If it can manage billions of galaxies, surely it can manage the appearance of opportunity.