Dance Of Insecurity


Insecurity is a dance
that circles the imaginary you.
Insecurity is the romance
that compares to the distant few.

Longing for completion,
not knowing it is a dream.
Longing for wholeness,
it is from within that you scream.

Insecurity, the reminder
that you will never be that.
Insecurity, the memory of
the tomorrow that never was;
With nowhere -now- to rest at.

Don’t you see?
In a World where there is you and I,
you and them, you will never be Free.
In a World where the self can be compared,
you will always be with insecurity.

The Point is as such,
this is the Dream,
that you and I are not the One
and we must prove ourself with superiority.

No such thing exists,
that I can be more than you.
No such thing lives,
that a label can define the who.

So let us simply be,
as we are, with absolute equality.
So let us simply be,
no more, no less,
just this that is Free.