CLD Week 6

Week 6: Trust, the Miracle You Already Are

Without this element of trust, none of what we've explored matters. The embodiment of this insight and wisdom shared, only happens if the one who hears it, can faithfully apply it. What this means, is to have a willingness within you to intentionally practice what you know in your heart to be true.   

  • Part 1: Welcome in Everything

    If we are to consciously work with life, we must understand that life is already on our side.  There is no pushing or pulling here, there is only a recognition that whatever is showing, is somehow orchestrated by life for the sake of our Blooming.  We don’t even need to question it, we can move directly into welcoming it.

  • Part 2: Whose Plan? & Letting Go of Everything

    The one with a plan is not the one you really are.  This self with a plan is the cosmic play of an imagined someone.  Never take seriously this self; for this self has nothing to offer you in the future, it is only for present moment play within this dimension of reality.

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