CLD Week 5

Week 5: Deep Connection in All Relationships

Connection is what we crave, and it is the basis of all relationships we experience. If we sincerely desire to connect deeply with others, we must discover a deep connection with what we are. There is simply no way around this. The relationship we have with our self will by default be reflected in every external relationship we experience.  

  • Part 1: The Great Reflection

    All experience is like a mirror, reflecting back to us whatever is being held as true in the depth of what we are.  Relationship, is our dance with these reflections and the degree of connection we experience, is a reflection of the sincerity we are with as we dance.

  • Part 2: Sincere Communication

    Communication is only difficult when it lacks the element of sincerity.  For most, their efforts to communicate come with a conscious or unconscious motive to manipulate.  The intent of which, ultimately, is to avoid seeing within what they are afraid of.  In this, the path toward deep connection with others is by way of sincere communication.

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