CLD Week 4

Week 4: Effortless Life... Get Out of the Way

To use force in the way of trying to anxiously extort a response from the universe, is to miss-understand your connection with all that is. There is a Power within you that requires nothing more than peacefully focused attention. This Power, can call into physical form any life experience you can imagine.

    • Part 1: The One Who Efforts 

      Effort, originates from the concept of force.  In this way, when we speak of letting go of effort, we are letting go of a need to force life (or ourselves) to match an image in our mind.  This effort of force arises from an identity that sees itself as separate from an already happening flow.

    • Part 2: The Way of Non-Effort

      Non-Effort, is simply the absence of anxious movements that cling to future outcome, with a simultaneous internal allowing for everything to be as it is.

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