Conscious Life Design Membership


Conscious Life Design, what is it?  At first glance, one might assume this means an opportunity to shape your future life to match an image held in one's mind.  Actually, no.  What it points to is an opportunity to relax into the Conscious Life Design that is already happening, already done.

In my conversations with many as I travel and share, what I see is a frustration with the game of trying to manipulate self and reality with the hopes of eliminating certain aspects of life, while also trying to add experiences which we think will bring us a deeper sense of fulfillment.  The real opportunity here, is to investigate what is already happening, rather than what we think is happening.  In this, we begin to notice a perfection that's already at play, and life simply invites us to relax into this.  

Below are all 6 weeks, with the appropriate link in the weekly titles.  I encourage you to really take your time, and not feel like you have to rush through the content. Allow each week to really integrate itself, and don't perpetuate an idea that you are somehow behind. 



6 Week Training Course
Go at Your Own Pace


Week 1: Intro to Conscious Life Design

Get clear about the nature of your connection with all that is, and begin allowing for the dropping away of the unconscious limitation that ties you to lack, scarcity, and fear.

Week 2: Allow the Fulfillment of Desire

Understand the profound difference between egocentric wanting, and divinely inspired desire. Here you will get in touch with what it is you truly desire to experience in this life.

Week 3: Emotional Guidance & Intelligence

We are already setup with everything we need, all guidance and intelligence is already contained within what we are. This week we will uncover the ways we can tap into this, and feel confidence in our connection with All that is.

Week 4: Effortless Life... Get Out of the Way

The way of effortless living, is to let life move on your behalf while you simply allow yourself to enjoy the present moment at hand. This permission has already been given, and this week will make that abundantly clear.

Week 5: Deep Connection in All Relationships

All Relationships are a reflection of the One Relationship you have with you most sincere self. If we desire deeply profound connections with others, we must be willing to connect deeply with the sincerity of our own being.

Week 6: Trusting in the Miracle You Already Are

TRUST. This is what blooms the truth within your entire being. This is what allows the insight and wisdom to move from your mind and into your Heart, and allow for the embodiment of the miracle you already are.