Conscious Participation With Life


Conscious participation with Life, begins when you see that the only place that’s asking for your participation… is the present moment.

This is the function of all suffering, to bring your attention back to now; which is the only space where true healing can actually occur.

When you begin to engage now, from the depth of your own sincerity, you will begin to hear the guidance you desperately desire. This makes perfect sense of course, that if one to be connected with life and its flow, then one’s attention must be rooted in where that flow is happening.

The perceived barrier that seems to keep your attention wrapped up in non present-moment realities, is fear. If we watch closely, it is fear that constantly brings our attention away from now. It is the thought that somehow if you don’t figure out this imagined problem, then somehow the next moment isn’t going to be okay. Then you get to the next moment, where everything is fine, and then repeat the fear game drawing you again into a mental drama that has become convinced tomorrow won’t be okay.

Sooner or later we are going to have to come to terms with the truth, that being… there is nothing to fear. This coming to ‘terms’ is standing up and staring fear in the face, and saying “no! I’m not playing this game anymore!”

And then having a willingness to leave the fear alone, to set it down, and return to the only place that’s real, which is now. You must see through the fear. See through the mental game that sees yourself as some self-important image that fearfully needs approval. See through the game of worry, and how not once has it contributed to recognizing Joy in the present moment.

Behind this fear, this imagined wall of limitation, rests a world and a Self waiting to bloom with infinite possibilities. More so than you can even imagine right now.

The only question is… Are you willing and ready to bloom?
Yes… ?

Okay then, now go do something that scares your little ego and prove it wrong.