Conscious Life Design Guidance

Conscious Life Design Guidance & Mentorship

Engage, the Miracle You Already Are; with Tiger Singleton

Topics of Exploration

Relationship Wellness

Discover the power within that can consciously create, allow, and heal all relationship experiences in your life.

Business Building

From the inside out. Clarify your intention, strategy, and vibration to allow for cosmic support in the building of your business.

Emotional Intelligence

Transform your relationship with internal energies and let emotion be the guidance system that always points you back to Joy.

Waking Up to Reality

Get profoundly clear on the inner workings of what you are, and your connection to all that is. Be You, Be Free, Be with Joy.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes filling out an application for 1on1 guidance with Tiger.
Free Consultation
Potentially speak with Tiger over the phone about the opportunity of working together.
Get Started
Begin your journey with Tiger and become a master of your vibration.

1 Month Elite

Connect every week with Tiger for a month via Phone or Skype, and implement the Conscious Life Design strategy laid out by the 2 of you. Each Week you'll take a Self Evaluation Assessment, giving Tiger an opportunity to peak inside your experience and offer relevant feedback that will ensure you increase your vibration alignment.

3 Month Mentor

Connect twice per month for 3 months with Tiger via Phone or Skype, and Consciously decrease the distance between you and your preferred life experience. This option includes Self Assessments, Weekly Email Support, Session Reports, & More.