Busy Mind?


Busy Mind?

Fearful Mind?

Self Condemning Mind?

For some, it’s not such a funny thing. It can seem debilitating. It can give birth to tremendous heartache, and seemingly suffocate any potential for joy.

Can you see though, how this sufferable experience, only takes place within the mind? Can you see that its pain is contained, rises and falls, within its own realm of experience. This is to say that nothing in the external world is causing the mind to operate this way.

Because of this, it’s easy for the mind to then go about condemning the one who thinks. Finding a source of blame, since blame cannot be found somewhere ‘out there.’
Imagine for a moment… All this noise stops.

What would that be like, how would you move, what Joys would you follow?

Obviously, if nothing ‘out there’ is causing this sensation that might seem reflective of insanity, then clearly the solution, remedy, or answer, is also contained within you as well.