Humbly… I share the following.

I’ve been getting lots of messages from lovely people who have all sorts of beautiful things to say about what I’m doing within our local & global community. Most of which includes something like this… “You are helping so many people.”

It presents an opportunity to clarify something I find rather important and brutally sincere. In a selfish way… I don’t care about helping others, or making sure my life impacts our community in a positive way. What I mean when I say “I don’t care,” is that I don’t give it any thought. I don’t think about the impact I’m making, the lives that might be changed, etc.

The only thing I’m doing, consciously and thoughtfully, is what I enjoy the most. What concerns me, is… am I living a Life that I truly desire to live? Am I doing what I love? What do I enjoy, sincerely?
(The answers… I enjoy communicating deeply profound insight that exposes Love & Joy. I enjoy communicating miracles with a deck of playing cards. I enjoy watching people get a glimpse of their true & sincere potential.)

You see, these questions aren’t about other people. They do not take into account the lives of others; even though the answers might. They are completely selfish questions. However… here is what I have discovered within my own experience.

A flower doesn’t try to make you smile when you smell its beautiful scent. For if it did, then it would become insecure if you didn’t smile. A flower blooms not for the sake of others, but for it’s own sake, so that it might see the beauty that exists on the inside. The Flower… lives to experience itself fully.
Here’s the funny thing… the more the flower blooms, the more it opens up; then the natural and effortless consequence is that it shares value with its environment. Key word is… effortless. I’ve spent a young lifetime trying to please others for the sake of ‘helping’ or ‘being a good person,’ but in reality, that only left me feeling inadequate, as there was always bigger and better flowers in the garden to compared myself to.

It was game where all my trying wasn’t good enough, all my effort ended in failure. Why? Because it wasn’t sincere. It wasn’t what my Heart was truly asking for. What my Heart was asking for, was to be listened to. Rather than listening to all the voices and thoughts of others that thought I should be this way or that way. Deep down, I knew I didn’t fit that mold. I knew of a uniqueness that was my own scent.
I was a flower looking for approval from onlookers, trying to give them what I thought they wanted, rather than just being the miracle I already was. How silly if a daisy wanted to be a tulip, in order to become more lovable.

I didn’t realize that I was already Loved, not for who I might be in tomorrow, but for the incomparable uniqueness that was my own passion, my own flavor, my own Love. I realized I didn’t need to concern myself with others approving of my scent. It was irrelevant, just as some might not prefer the scent of a rose. Irrelevant. It doesn’t stop the rose from blooming. The blooming only stops, if the rose is afraid of what others might think. However, Life says…. “hey, silly. Do not concern yourself with that, I wan’t You to see how beautiful you are on the inside.”

I guess what I’m attempting to communicate is, You are already a miracle… just waiting to bloom. No one stops you but yourself, and there is nothing in your way other than imaginary thoughts of limitation or about how others care. You are Here to be YOU, not to be the image or expectation that others might project out of their own sense of inadequacy, or innocent non-resonance.

Please don’t look at my life, and compare yourself. That’s stupid. We are equal. Do not measure your worth by looking to the past and projecting deficiency into the future. Look to this moment, see that as you sit where you sit, and I sit where I sit, we are the same. Accomplishments mean nothing, they are just yet another idea, thought, that has already past and therefore doesn’t exist. You cannot collect them with any realness. They can only be experienced and then let go of, to be seen for what they are, which is only a testament to Life’s awesomeness.

If I cannot even take credit for my own breath, for the growing of my own bones, how then could I take credit for any goodness that blooms through me. I can’t. It’s impossible. It’s not me. It’s Life being Life. I do nothing to create goodness, I only focus my attention on what I love, or see the Love in situations that initially appear to be without Love. That is all.

If I cared so much about helping people, then that ‘helping’ would come with an expectation of how they should respond to my scent. Which truly isn’t helping, it is a subtle form of control that attempts to inflate my imaginary sense of self importance. I don’t care if I am important, I care about fully experiencing my depth, fully embracing the gift I have been given that carries no promise of drifting into tomorrow.
“Helping” happens naturally. Just as rain naturally helps the soil. Just as a bee unknowingly helps the whole world. Just as a wild fire renews the earth.

Do you want to help..? Do you really want to Help the world? Then discover what makes you come alive, my friend. Discover the Loving Miracle you already are, and then Be That, with reckless disregard for the opinions of others.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Be the authenticity of You. Embrace everything that desires to Bloom from within. I fucking Love You! Aren’t You Worth, what You Already Are? What a stupid question, but I have to ask it.

Go Rock Your Life!