**Beautiful Failure**


I have Failed 10,000 times.
Still, to this day
Failure happens
in countless ways.
Some think, without caution
that I’m something special
and success is my only friend.
Not knowing of
the most intimate details,
that I fail, time
and time, again.
More than I succeed,
is forever the game
of planting seeds.
10 percent crack the soil,
and only 1 percent
grows like the trees.
If I waited for that one,
I avoid the beauty of light…
the playfulness of then sun.
If I waited until I was ready
I would wait,
while my soul grew weary.
Failure is my companion,
for it refines my deepest intentions.
I am not here to be approved of,
I am here to play…
in the sincerity,
of my Heart’s expansion.
<3 Tigmonk…