Be As You Are For it is all Love


Be as you are for it is all love…

If I am with Sadness,
Does this mean I am not
the movement of the One?

Or does the One experience sadness,
Because the imagined Self
is becoming less,

The illusion… coming undone?
If anger slowly arises,
Does this mean
I am no longer the Divine?

Or is the Divine innocently having a dream,
mistakenly sleeping,
believing there is something
to protect and find?

There is nothing
that is not, everything.
No movement
deserving more or less Love.

For it is all Love,
Even the misunderstanding
…the forgetfulness that sees self
as a broken Dove.

And what makes life so unbearably fearful,
is the thought that somehow you must change.
Believing life won’t accept you as you are,
Even in your masquerade of pain.

But Dear Child…Divine creature of light,
It is your own lack of self acceptance
that gives birth to your silly delusion.

It is you chasing an imaginary self
that blinds you to the Love
that rests beyond the illusion.

Be as you are, allow life to be as it is.
For you are the Love in life that lives.
Dear One, be well
and remember this.

Be As You Are.