Authority In Complete Love


Other people will not understand your challenges; other people will understand their perception of your challenges, filtered through their own life experience. So in essence, they only understand themselves, to the degree they are open to see themselves sincerely.

Same goes for you understanding others. I say this so there can be some freedom in how we see self and others. So we can trust the wisdom within, rather than thinking ‘other people’ have the answers we ultimately seek. If we are determined to get approval in our way of navigating, then we seek to have others navigate for us, rather than trusting our own breath.

Within you, is the answer. One must listen to the sincerity of their heart, in combination with a fearless mind. In this space, you will never be left unguided; and all challenges will simply be an opportunity to strengthen the connection between You and Life.

This is standing on your own Authority in Complete Love