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BOOM!  Amsterdam.  Let's do this.  

I am so excited to return to your beautiful country, and share from the most sincere heart space.  We will, for sure, explore the depths of our being and allow the non-sense of limitation, lack, and internal discord to melt away.  On this page, are all the events happing in the Netherlands while i'm there.  Most events you'll have to make arrangements to go on another website, but 1 event here... which will be awesome, you'll be able to register and reserve your spot.  

Dinner | Satsang | & The Romantic Poetry of Tiger Singleton 

Ohh.. My... GOD.  I am so excited to be sharing Satsang & my Romantic Poetry in the Same Night!!!!!!!  There is such an amazing correlation between Love for another, and the truth of Life.  It will help clarify this human experience and the opportunity we have to let lose our limited ideas about withholding love for self, others, and our passions, and jump wildly into the miracle of LIFE.   


Can't make it... just too far away?   No worries, we've made it available for you to still hear the good stuff through live streaming and/or recording the Satsang and Poetry.   If the wifi signal supports live streaming, we will broadcast to a secret fb group, if it is not strong enough, we will send you the professionally produced audio recording that will include Poetry, Satsang, & Q&A.  Approximately 3 hours of audio, for only €10.  You can select that option in the registration section at the bottom of the page.  

All Netherland Events

May 27th
Utrecht - Nataraj Dance Party and Satsang 

May 28th
Velp, Gelderland
All Day Satsang - Life As Your Master Guide 

June 1st 
Dinner | Satsang | &
The Romantic Poetry of Tiger Singleton
(Purchase Tickets on this Page)

June 2nd 
Amsterdam - Open Satsang 
De Nieuwe Yoga School 7pm to 9pm

June 3rd

Eindhoven - Nataraj Dance Party and Satsang - 7pm

June 8th
Exclusively RAW Dinner & Satsang 
Only 8 Spots available for this Intimate Evening.

June 9th
Amsterdam - All Day Satsang/Workshop 
De Nieuwe Yoga School 11am to 5pm 

June 10th 
Amsterdam - Nataraj Special Event - Tigmonk & Dave Stringer

Want All The Audio Recordings from these events and all others???

Check out the Patreon Page for Tiger Singleton (Creating a Space for Love to be Seen) where monthly supporters get access to exclusive content, Live Streams, and Event Recordings!  


From 17:00 to 22:00, we are going to rock the house with amazing Food from De Kashantine Urban Cafe, Musical Guest, Romantic Poetry, and a Heart Centered Satsang (Insight & Wisdom teaching with Q&A).

Can't make the dinner, but want to attend the Satsang from 19 - 22:00?  This might be possible if we don't sell out the included dinner option.  Connect with the Event Facebook Page to stay in the loop.

The FOOD!!!

De Kaskantine recipes are based on their own produce, careful selected local products, food left overs from the market, and wild harvested. They always serve vegan meals as one of the options. Gluten-free on request.  Their nice stone oven called 'Prince' bakes, grills and slow cooks everything perfectly!
No need to bring utensils, they have those too!  Be sure to stop by their Facebook Page and give them a solid LIKE.

Terror of the Heart

my heart beats for her.
Unprepared, and
I'm taken by a soft terror.

Out of nowhere,
She blooms.
My world opens
-I run to her
and collapse in her arms.

Taken completely,
By this ancient beauty.
Surrendered, and
afraid of what it is I see.

Such is this,
the fulfillment of every wish.
the full embodiment
of all my poetic dreams.

Terror of splendor;
A resonance
of my deepest sincerity.

I lose all control
Giving her my heart
and all it contains.

How Is It Going Down?!

Here's the deal, we are first making this event available for those who want to do the whole package, followed by an after party (this is partly because the restaurant would like to serve as many as possible).  If it doesn't sell out, then those who purchase Satsang Only, will get notified by May 29th if there is space for them.  Or... you can just pay for the whole thing, and join for dinner or not.  If we do sell out, then your Satsang Only purchase will get refunded by June 1st.  


When: June 1st. 2017

Where: De Kaskantine, Haarlemmerweg 506 in Amsterdam ( and see FB page De kaskantine for route description)

Time: Dinner | Music | Poetry at 17:00
Satsang | Poetry | Q&A at 19:30 
After Party....  22:00

Price: The Whole Package €55 euros
Satsang Only:  €45


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Booking: Be sure to reserve your spot. Limited space for up to 25 persons. Make your reservation and payment below. 

Practical: There are chairs, but if you like to sit on the floor, bring a pillow or a cushion, so you will be comfortable.

Be Sure to Check Out the Facebook Event Page, Updates, Poetry & Fun There!

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