What You Are Is Already Done

What You Are Is Already Done


When we cry out to God/Life in our pain, sadness, and suffering, or even in our anxious request to fulfill a desire, the resolution that God/Life desires for us to see, is -that which we are asking for is already done. You are already… done.

In this, our crying out is a release of resistance. It is the flow of energy within that has been denying yourself the true gift of what you already are.

How is it already done, if we don’t see it yet?

Because we confuse what we want with an image of what we want. You see, when you cry out about what you want, what you’re really saying is “I want to know that all is and will be well. I want to be able to express myself in a sincere way. I want to enjoy what I am and not be afraid of what I am.”

The mind innocently and naturally interprets this desire and projects an image. However, the image is just an image, it’s not the real thing. If you chase an image, it’s like thinking about a glass of water and then complaining that you’re still thirsty. The image of water gives you nothing, you need the real thing in order the quench your thirst.

The real thing in this case, that’s already done, is that in this moment and all moments, the real you is abundantly taken care of, the real you has permission to express sincerely, and the real you has permission to enjoy life without fear of your worth ever being in question. You see? What you really want, is already done.

The opportunity in your release of resistance, is to let go of the image, or to let go of the future, and return to the simple truth of what already is. Return to trust, and move forward with a knowing that life is flowing in a direction that will reflect your heart’s sincerity, even if you don’t really know what that will look like on the surface.

What it looks like on the surface doesn’t even matter, if you know within your heart that you’re already whole, or already have what it is you desire most. Life becomes play, rather than working toward an image of the future. Life becomes an opportunity, rather than a problem that holds your worth hostage.

Release, and allow yourself to freak out. Allow energy to move so you can see the truth beyond the fearful blindfold.

What you want, is what you are. It’s already done.