All Is Incredibly Well


Just because we recognize the absolute of reality, that all is one and we are 100% responsible for our inner experience, it doesn’t devalue or discredit the experience of separation or deeply feeling human.

There will be times you feel unquestionably connected to everything and completely without fear, and there will be times you experience the opposite. Both, have value. Both, are equal.

The beauty in seeing the absolute nature of what you are, is not for your identification with it, that stands up and says “I am enlightened” or “I have transcended suffering for all of time.” No, the value is in recognizing the freedom to be You, however that ‘You’ shows up. To see that the foundation of Life, that allows you to be here, embraces all parts of you; and everyone else. In this, you have permission to Love and Allow the experience of being human.

I may recognize, that Love is entirely contained within what I am, and that I don’t need Love from another. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t allow myself to completely get lost in a loving devotion for someone else.

You see, that other person, is also myself. So whatever interaction I have with them, is also contained within what I am. I am equally part me, and equally part them. It is NOT me, then them. It is Life, allowing the play of being human.

I may recognize that there is fundamentally nothing to be lost in Life. However, the “I” that recognizes this, is not the person who has the experience of something being lost. So in the recognition, I completely allow the person/character of “tiger” to have the human experience of loss; if that’s what arises. I don’t need to repress the experience, because of a spiritual ego that says “I shouldn’t feel that because it’s not true.”

As we see our true nature, or the absolute of reality, the value is… we release a tension that doesn’t allow ourselves to be human. It is NOT, to disallow the human experience; it is NOT, to repress 1 side of the coin simply because you think the side better makes you more important. Throw away 1 side of a coin, you throw away the whole thing.

All is incredibly well. You have complete permission to be the natural You.