A Peak Inside Heaven…



Some years ago while hiking in Southern Oregon, I was struck by what I will call a wave of divine light.

I was by myself enjoying the simplicity of nature, while caught up in the genuine beauty of the moment. Out of nowhere came this energetic surge throughout my body that was likened to a blindfold being ripped away from my eyes.

Even though my human experience was already with a deep wisdom that moved my Heart, this new level of seeing was beyond anything that I thought was possible.

Although I will never be able to use words that adequately describe what was seen, I will say the following…

What was seen from behind my eyes was the absence of every ounce of conflict that rested in my human experience. There was the dropping away of all arguments that ever passed through my awareness.

All that was left was an ever-present Love that gave Life to everyone and everything.

The most interesting part of this experience, was the clear absence of a somebody, a someone who I was thought to be. There clearly was not a self that existed independently from what was observed. Meaning, there was not ‘me’ and something else. There was not this and that, nor us and them, there was only Now.

This, Now, was that which creates the All of All. A single movement of something that gave life to everything; everything being… everything. Every star, every rock, and everything in between. Actually, the rock contained the star, and the star was the rock.

As such, this that I am, in truth, is everything else. The tree is what I am, the dirt just as simply was what I am, I was/am that which created it all, and not the someone who stood next to it as a separate something.

I saw the sunset, and saw mySelf.

What was unshakably clear, is that there is no ‘other.’ When I look into your eyes, there is only the Self looking as Self. There is nothing that is real, that exists independently of something else. Everything that Is, is, only because of everything that is. The Sun is, because the Moon is. The Tree is, because the Wind is. Sadness is, because Happiness is. Hot is, because Cold is.

In this Seeing, what was also seen clearly is that because there is only this One movement, the Truth of You is not lacking anything. The Truth of You, is what is longed for; meaning; that in Truth you are with all things.

The relevance of this is, everything you think you are without, is only a confusion of identity, a confusion of how you see reality. And it is this confusion, that keeps the manifestation of such from rising to the surface of your physical experience.

The conflict we carry, the drama in our Hearts, is not a result of anything that is happening ‘out there.’ Nor is it a result of anything that we are not doing, as a separate human being. The hurt of this conflict is an alarm from the soul that is trying to alert you to the untruth you are attempting to hold on to.

When we have conflict with another person (drama), the pain or suffering that is felt inside, is trying to show you that your attempt to control another person is not only not necessary, but is not what you are truly looking for, as the solution to your dis-ease.

Heaven is this space that is without conflict, it is the space in Now that exists Freely without need for anything that is not already here in this moment. And… there is nothing in this moment, that is somehow misplaced, invalid, or unacceptable; for everything that is, is only here, because of everything else.

In this space, there is the Freedom to simply be. And the heartache you are with that emphatically believes otherwise, is a movement of confusion that mistakenly believes that if you got what you wanted, that something that is outside of right now, is somehow going to make you more of something.

However this someone you think you are, that is not already whole, is not a real someone, it is not a real person or a real ‘thing.’ But rather it is a dream of you, a you that exists separately from the life around you. This ‘you’ is a product of the mind’s imagination. The invitation that Life is presenting to you this very moment, is to lay down this dream of you, and to rest in the space of Now.

It is kind of like a child who wakes up in his bed, but forgets he is already home. The child has been mistakenly conditioned, or has forgotten, that he is home, so he sits with great anxiety as he believes he must get home in order to survive.

Just as you believe you must become something other than what you are in order to be acceptable, in order to be lovable, or in order to be without conflict.

You cannot rest in Heaven, and be this separate something that is not everything. To rest in Heaven, you cannot be better or more important. To rest here, you must be everything.