A Major Discovery In Life


A major discovery in life, is the realization that no emotion is a wrong emotion.

How can you be the fullness of you, if you condemn something that arises within you?
The predominant human experience is one where the self feels an emotion, and then automatically rejects it, as if they are doing something wrong because their life conditioning says… You are only suppose to feel happy.

This is like trying to create a world, where there is no rain. For the confused self, they see the rain as a threat to who they are, which is a person who enjoys playing outside, and if it rains, then they feel threatened.

What is not seen, is that you cannot have sunshine without the rain, you cannot have one season without all the others. There is a tremendous freedom in allowing yourself to feel, fully.

The path towards a deep discovery that leads to a more fulfilled life, blooms through a deep acceptance for whatever arises within you. To reject it, is to reject what you are.

This isn’t to say we have to act on emotion, but rather we give it room to play-out within us; which means we don’t try to change it or make it go away, but we let it teach us what it needs to teach us.

Our problematic emotional experiences in life that lead to destructive behavior, is not caused by emotion, but it is sprung by the repression of emotion.

For example… take a male who grew up in an environment that says you shouldn’t cry, or feel sad, sooner or later there will be an outbursts of uncontrollable violence (in some form) towards the external world.

This energy of emotion, if not given permission to be experienced internally, will eventually makes it way out whether you like it or not.

<3 ~Tiger
Cheers, to the Beauty, You Already Are.