A Gift to YOU, from me, for 2016-The Monumental Importance of JOY




If you investigate why you want something long enough, the answer ultimately comes down to… “because I desire Love, Peace, Freedom, or JOY.”
Which ultimately says… “I emphatically know it’s possible to enjoy this life, in a way that is NEXT-LEVEL to my current experience.”
This is no mistake, it’s in our nature to desire growth, expansion, evolution. It’s what keeps the world spinning, it’s what inspires us to be open to possibility and experience a deeper depth of ourselves.


With 2016 right around proverbial corner, many of us are setting high intentions with the hopes of accomplishing something major, or instituting some epic personal change. To be clear, I’m not here to burst your bubble of self-deficiency, however I am inviting us to investigate a little bit deeper into the nature of our quest, seeking, or heartfelt desires.


Spoiler-Alert: What you think you want ‘out there’ isn’t what you really want; and yes, ‘out there’ includes personal changes to who you think you are. For example… you may say you want to lose 30-lbs, and the possibility of this excites you. Really though, we could say that what you really want is to feel desired, to feel sexy again, to stop the constance internal criticism that notches down your self-worth because you don’t look how society tells you to look.


Even if this comparison doesn’t match your experience, the principle remains the same. What is really desired is not something in the manifest world, what you really desire is a state-of-being. In our confusion of this, we take on some monumental quest that only stresses us out and restricts our being, while we chase an absolute freedom in tomorrow. In effect, we proclaim that we will stress ourselves out now, so tomorrow we can be the fullness of what we are.


As some one who has experienced morbid obesity, I can share my experience that says the weight I carry/carried is absolutely irrelevant to how I can feel internally about myself, others, and all of life. In fact, I’d go so far to say that the weight I carried was simply a reflection of my self-rejection. Society has it ASS-BACKWARDS. They say, “I am fat, therefore I am rejected.” They say… “I am broke, therefore unworthy.” They say… “my relationship life sucks, therefore I am unhappy.”


Switch that shit around. “I reject myself, therefore I carry extra weight. I see myself as unworthy, therefore I experience lack and limitation. I am unhappy with myself, therefore my relationships suck!”


POW!!! Do you see this? I mean really though. Our manifest experience is simply a reflection of the state-of-being we are most often with. If we can open up our hearts to see the massive confusion within, i.e. humility – courage – trust, we can begin feeling how we desire to feel NOW and let the manifest condition begin to change without effort, striving, or stress.
This is CONSCIOUS LIFE DESIGN. Giving yourself permission to fall madly in love with yourself and life, while ignore the social expectation that says you cannot be in JOY until you change. Which by the way, is a recipe for distance. Change is a constant, and if your wellness is determined by changing conditions, then your wellness (Love, Peace, Freedom, & Joy) will always be in jeopardy of being lost, stolen, or manipulated.
You want a million dollars?! No you don’t, you want to recognize the boundless nature of your true self, and experience that shit first hand. It calls to you, and then the mind converts it to an image which ultimately can give you nothing. Money is an idea, a concept, it has nothing to do with the realness of you, the realness you long for. The concept of money simply points to an experience of abundance, but money itself cannot give you what you already are.
You want a soul-mate?! No you don’t, you want to fall madly in Love with what you are. You are your soul-mate, and when you see this deeply within, life can reflect someone ‘out there’ for you to dance with that resonates on the level of deep connection. Which can only happen if two people recognize that don’t actually NEED each other, rather they fully ENJOY one another.
You want a better career?! NOPE! You want to let your Heart Sing. You want to experience an authentic creative flow that simply allows you to be yourself. Rather than pretending your way through corporate bullshit hoping one day you’ll be approved of; which will never happen in the way you want. The way YOU want, is an everlasting recognition of your worth, which is something the external world can never give you.
The ultimate point being… You already have access to everything you desire. It already exists within you. The more you chase it ‘out there’ the more lost you become. It’s very much like a fish that swims around looking for water. silly fucker. IT’S RIGHT THERE, IT’S RIGHT HERE. In the full recognition of this… the fish stops, laughs at him/herself, then begins swimming in a way that’s reflective of JOY, rather than swimming anxiously with the thought that something’s missing. The fish thinks he’s not worthy because he can’t find the water, and yet, he’s breathing that shit right now.
Yes, it can be a little bit of a process to uncover this within yourself, and to let fall away the delusion that sees yourself as not enough; this is also the exciting part. It’s a playful journey my friend, with no judgment from life for your current starting point. It simply doesn’t matter, what matters is your own willingness to begin setting down limitation and just begin following your JOY; in whatever way that you can.
Let your heart guide you, and trust that sincere movement from within. For example… Does it excite your heart, soul, & mind if I told you I would personally work with you to uncover the beauty you already are, for Free? Can you see how for some this would be a yes, and for others it would be a no, and both options are completely valid?
I’m not saying that I could personally and privately coach you over a period of time, for free. That wouldn’t be practical, as the demand would just be silly and clearly not an abundant use of my time. However what does excite me, is to connect with you in a way that offers real practical value that you can implement right now. In the sense that something is better than nothing, in this case (not always true, lol)
This is what gives rise to my constant sharing of free videos on facebook, it’s an absolute Joy to connect in this way, and because the universe is so freggin abundant and limitless, I don’t feel like I’m ever going to run out of content, free or paid.
Because the new year is here, and many of us are stoked about the possibilities, and I’m stoked for you, I’m going to do a FREE 2 hour LIVE Video Stream where I share fear-shattering insight and wisdom, along with answering live questions, JANUARY 3RD 2016, NOON PST.
What I’m going to cover is… The Monumental Importance of JOY for 2016, and how it is your joyful state contributes to the fulfillment of desire, and what it is we can consciously do to see through the barriers and blocks that keep Joy at a distance. Granted, I am a fan of value exchange. In the way that I recognize a flow that goes in and out, back and forth, so I always like to offer some form of value exchange. It’s my way of moving that recognizes abundance, and in no way I’m implying you should do the same. However if you would like to exchange something, I invite you to invite your friends who you feel would resonate with this free experience.
You can share with them this post, via email, facebook, etc, but first make sure you register for the webinar. Then you will get an email with specific login information, along with details on how you can watch the recorded version for free, up to 48 hours after the initial live stream.
Yay! I’m so stoked for you.