3 Imaginary Steps-The Blooming Self

blooming self

The 3 imaginary steps to the blooming self are:

1. Self Inquiry:
Sincerely Investigate the Nature of Self, and discover clearly what you are as a human being and what you are not. Notice with deep honesty the self imposed limitations that are creating a life experience full of Lack, Limitation, & Fear.
2. Self Embodiment:
Allow for this discovery to penetrate the core of what you are. Begin putting into practice these discovered truths, and testing their validity in your every day life. Gain a deeper clarity into the nature of everything that arises in your experience.
3. Divine Play:
Consciously create in your world with an unwavering confidence that’s devoted to Joy, Truth, & Love. The blooming self. Stand on your own authority and experience a consistent wellness that’s untouched by the external world. Play, Enjoy, & Love Life Fully.