Yearly Archives: 2015

My Greatest Joy

I’ve confirmed once again, that my greatest joy is to sit with others in absolute sincerity and equality, while together we uncover the not so hidden truth of our own […]


Suffering, is the internal sense that something is missing. It stems from the belief that the self is somehow not enough, which is also to say it is a confusion […]


-Trust what? Trust that which touches the flowers in the spring, allowing them to open up so that they might see their own beauty. ….. Trust, isn’t an issue of […]

Gratitude Rises

Gratitude rises. Horizons on the move but going nowhere. Life shifts and remains still. A Knowing there is nothing to fear. What can be lost if I am out to […]

Mellow Heart

Mellow Heart My solace right now… A reminder, that in this moment… Life is blooming beautifully. ****** Mellow Heart I heard my heart cooing, Like that of a mellow bird. […]

Mission Of Kisses

You are the reflection of a beauty I’ve searched for, 1,000 lifetimes and then 100 more. You are the season that blooms without end, the reason I breathe a love […]

This Woman I see

How might I express to you the depth and brilliance of her beauty? How with only words can one describe the colors of infinity? Each ray of light, a flash […]

My Illness

2013 I have what some call an illness, only said by those who refuse to understand. I am giving over the breath of my soul.. to the heart of life, […]

Already Was

I am willing to die, I am willing to be cast aside. No need to become For already, have been I. Nonsense of… monumental importance. Lost in all of nothing, […]


There is a dance happening between the All and Not There is a romance unfolding within what I remember and what I forgot. There is a play in session a […]