1 on 1 Guidance with Tiger Singleton

Genuine, a pure heart; a beneficial presents in the world. Tigmonk helps me to see more clearly, what I already know. Mostly I see clearly the reason for the worlds response to me. I am giving my self permission to be the beautiful soul I am. I no longer feel like the Lone Ranger. You are beautiful dude.

~Machelle V

Tigmonk shares from the heart and with clarity and humour reminds you of what is true. It’s been a joy to meet with him. All I am left with is Peace.


The Opportunity

For those who have interacted with Tiger, they know he has a unique ability to see below the surface and expose the truth of what is actually happening. In the discovery of this truth, what is seen is a real life miracle unfolding. The opportunity to connect with Tiger is to align yourself with this miracle, and rest in a knowing that Life is 100% on your side.

The value in having direct support, is that you get to open up in an honest and direct way; which is the faster path toward liberation. Tiger doesn’t carry any judgment for where you currently find yourself, and knows that you’re doing the best you can with what you have. His role, is to expose new perspectives that often go unnoticed, along with offering practical and experiential guidance that helps you to stand on your own authority in complete Love.

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes long via Phone or Skype Audio (no video) and sold in packages that start with 2 sessions.

Clarify & Wake Up to Reality

Inquire into the nature of Self, and see without doubt how it is that all of life is set up to support your human experience. Fall into a deep trust that all is well.

Express the Miracle You Are

Whether building a business, or expressing yourself creatively, align yourself with the flow of life and become an open channel for cosmic support.

Relationship Wellness

Explore the reflections in your world and see clearly how it is that life is teaching you how to open up and receive what you truly desire.

Emotional Clarity

Transform your emotional experience through understanding the real function of emotional energy and how it is designed to serve you.


30 Minute Sessions

are for those who already have a solid understanding in their area of exploration, and would like to check in to help stay grounded, focused, and open.

60 Minute Sessions

are for those who feel unclear in their area of exploration, and desire to take the time to deeply explore and allow themselves to fully open up.

(2) 30 Minute Sessions

Basic 30

must be used within a 30 days


(4) 30 Minute Sessions

More 30

must be used within a 60 days


(12) 30 Minute Sessions

Max 30

must be used within a 120 days


(2) 60 Minute Sessions

Basic 60

must be used within a 30 days


(4) 60 Minute Sessions

More 60

must be used within a 60 days


(12) 60 Minute Sessions

Max 60

must be used within a 190 days


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