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Love Self, in the Way of Love

Meditation: Return Home

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The Busy Mind  <- Click to Download MP3

This is a Podcast (Meditative Teaching) I recorded in 2011.  It is an opportunity to get clear about the movement of the mind.  

"Once the mind knows you are no longer afraid of its content, it will leave you alone."

Feel It, Be It; Meditation  <- Click to Download MP3

This is a Guided Meditation that is part of the 6 Week Conscious Life Design Course. It can help ground you into the simplicity of presence, and remind of the profound support you are always with. You Can Learn more about the 6 Week Course Below

Nature of Self & Reality | 90 Min  <- Click to Download MP3

This is a 90 Minute Satsang Recording, from Stockholm Sweden in July of 2016. The Subject Matter is address the nature of Self and Reality, and exposing with clarity the beauty of what already is. Enjoy!

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Conscious Life Design

Engage, the Miracle You Already Are

Enjoy This!

I Give Away a Free Instructional Webinar packed full of insight and wisdom. The intent of course, is to encourage people to check out the Paid 6 Week Course on Conscious Life Design  (Currently 33% Off).  However, the webinar itself is a good source of content.  

Conscious Life Design can be stated as... the lived Embodiment of Enlightenment combined with the Sincere Desire to Consciously Engage the Miracle You already Are.

  • Topics of Exploration
    • The Depth of Your Own Beauty
    • The Reflection of What You Are
    • Emotional Intelligence Guidance
    • Permission to Be in Joy
    • The Purpose of You

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