Dear friends, and lovers of the sharing that flows through <3


I’d like to tell you a little bit more about some exciting opportunities that you might be interested in, as it relates to the expansion of you and this sharing.

We’ve been creating lots of video, audio, and written content while on this European tour, and intent to be creating lots more as I continue doing what I love. Naturally though, what we are finding, is that the workload involved in sharing this content is massive. Editing, transcribing, organizing, etc, is quite daunting, and I’ve been doing it myself for quite sometime.

Beautiful people have come into my life that are offering to help, and take it to the next level; using their skill-set to help expand the content and give it away for free. This of course, also allows me to free up some time to work on creating more content that I really love, rather than organizing and editing what is already done.

Most notably, my next book; “The One Relationship; Connecting with Self, Others, & All of Life.” which I feel, with a sincere humility, is going to be next level amazing. In the way of clarifying in the most simplest and practical way possible, how this experience of being human is, and can be realized as, a miracle of epic proportion that guides you to the fulfillment of your Heart’s deepest longing.

Secondly, the High School Curriculum; “Self Love & Conscious Life Skills” which we would like to give away for free (or next to nothing) to high schools around the world. Many of you know this passion of mine, and I’m still moving in that direction, but at the same time have been incredibly busy with keep up with what is currently happening.

As some are aware, I let go of a business I had for 8 years, so I could share full time and travel, so far it’s going amazing and I see no signs of it slowing. What seem to be happening so far, is that the events and sharings are pretty much covering the costs of travel.

Because of this, we are exploring new ideas of ways to allow for support from those who appreciate the loads of free content being shared on facebook, and give you an opportunity to offer a tiny bit of support each month, as a way of saying thank you; if that feels good for you.

Patreon .com/tigmonk (link in the comments), is a way to pledge monthly support, and to get access to this extra content before it’s shared freely around the world. Including, updates on my next book, audio podcast from myself and my partner Samira, about life and our travels together (it’s epic). Along with additional goodies.

These pledges can literally be from $1 to $100+ per month, whatever feels beautiful to you.

I really feel this to be a mutual creation, and that this isn’t just me doing what I love; it is all of us enjoying the beauty of what we are. So… Thank you. Thank you, thank you. I enjoy you all so much, and all that you contribute in many different ways.

Cheers, lovelies.