Unknown but known,
Is the mystery of Life.
For here you are, even now
Present, fully alive;
with no answer as to why
that ultimately satisfies the mind.

Impossible it always has been
to know for certain, the unfolding
of tomorrow, and what may
or may not, come with it.

Yet, here you are.
You made it, congratulations.
Another moment passed
and you breath within
the great sea of wholeness.

Only without, stories
you hoped to bring with you.
Compensating for nothing
as they evaporate, like dreams
only imagined to be true.

All you truly enjoy, is birthed
from the certainty of -right now.
Never have you known, how
it would all really work out.

Do not obsess, about
knowing the obvious unknown.
The heart will become sick, and blocked
if in tomorrow you anxiously roam.