Change of Nothing,
As all, is One unfolding.
Each season, not its own.
Eliminate Autumn, and destroy
The beauty of Everything.

Constant is, the change
of all that falls and appears.
Forever is, the silent space
That allows for this to be here.

Why it changes,
is of no concern to the whole.
Only something separate from it
Would question why the flower grows old.

All is, so All might be.
Without the freeze of winter
Life would simply end;
and You, could not discover
the miracle you’re swimming in.

What changes,
If not only the story we tell about it.
Beyond this mental commentary
all remains, as the gift
It’s always been.

The flavor of transformation, is
determined by the one who observes.
See a beauty in all of this -and watch,
as the fear of change, burns.