Suffering Released
when suffering is allowed.
Here we can gently see
The beauty of a sunset
behind the darkest cloud.

Determined to push away, is to
reaffirm an already passing reality.
Relaxed into presence, you notice
something else is happening.

This scared one, who suffers
always will lose what is held onto.
Only to expose what already was;
a truth that know there is nothing
You are really separate from.

This inner pain, birthed through
the assumption of separation.
Believed is the idea, that in this life
there is something real called
loss, gain, and desperation.

The sting of pain, is simply to
recognize a simple joy and pleasure.
To suffer over this, is to separate
the beauty from the observer.

Nothing is gone, all is here.
Recognized is a love, before and
after the imagined separation of fear.
Rest, relax into presence; you
will see, all is well in this moment.