If Only
And yet, you are.
Often the mind might ask
“Why oh why, is the
distance so painfully far?”

Well… where are you going,
That does not contain
The depth of this moment?
Is it really ‘there’ you are after,
or, are you simply longing
For a sense of fullness?

If only, is
A cry for right now.
Released into an emptiness
that allows you, to be; without
needing to know why or how.

Only if, you
Can see it as already done.
The permission to fully relax
Into the promise of the unknown.

Promised what… something
beyond this heart beat?
No dear child, You Are
~the promise. Every gift
that is real, already at your feet.

What do you want!!!
Other than the depth of this?
If you can think of anything,
Then the truth, already missed.