Is the design, for
why all things are alive.
Only seen beyond ideas of loss,
Nothing really ever dies.

Within there is
this sneaky suspicion,
after the fear of an end, we
tilt our head back, and laugh
-with the sparkles of the night sky.

A cosmic joke
where we only fool ourselves.
Peek a boo, I thought I lost
something real about myself.

Once again, and… again
Life keeps exposing a new beginning.
Letting die, all that was meant to end,
So I might see the brilliance
of what I’ve always been.

Naturally so,
This is the nature of every smile.
A gentle humor, discovered;
Eventually showing, it has all been,
Incredibly worthwhile.

If this discovery seems distant, then
simply, you are looking the wrong way.
This is not a destination, my friend;
It’s the allowing for your heart
to sing, dance, and play.