Wisdom, only
embodied by honest fools.
Not afraid to look totally silly, this
one looks beyond the surface rules.

Unimpressed by knowledge,
a repetition of mental conformity.
The wise one dives deep into life
-investigating the depths
of the real reality.

Knowledge is power
For the one who seeks
to find the self in ideas.
Wisdom is a peaceful knowing, of
the realness of what actually is.

Information, helpful
in the play of being human.
Thoughts clung to as real
-a disaster of epic proportion.

To know all types of things,
And not know of the One who knows,
Is simply to think of the passing
-with no roots that allow
for a genuine and soulful growth.

Wisdom blooms,
From the direct experience of truth.
This is why everything I say
Means nothing, unless
It comes alive within you.