Favor is given, as
luck to the soulfully wise.
No demands on creation, so
life moves as a joyful surprise.

Unlucky is the one, who
thinks they know what should be.
Disappointed always, as our
expectations allow not
for life to breathe.

How fortunate we are, to
humbly wake in the morning.
Oh how cursed we become
when we want, what
is not showing.

In every moment, we
communicate a message.
A song that tells life
our heart’s deepest resonance.

To see a Self -totally blessed,
rest assured, the curse will disappear.
If we ignore the gift that
already is, we become blinded,
by future’s fear.

No more and no less,
forever, it will be this way.
All else is just more thought;
completely missed, is
the blessing of today.