Duality of Nothing
Compared only with itself.
One end of the spectrum
is simply an extension, of
everything else.

That which exists, is
by the grace of all we call other.
The father would disappear, if not
for, the appearance of a mother.

Any yet, simply
we cannot deny this play.
The night will always rise, as
we lay to rest each passing day.

Why then, for
the obvious display of 2?
Only for the 1 to see itself;
a romance, that allows the sun
to see its face, in the moon.

All of this will subsides, the
opposition to the other end;
seeing our light in all colors
-appearing as a forgotten love,
and a sometimes forgotten, friend.

Thank you for, the
unresolved fear in the other side.
All I avoid in the play of darkness
Is a love, no longer
wanting to hide.