Already Done, is
this Poetic Life of Being.
If you cannot see it, then
only is the mind, disagreeing.

A door already open
a breeze already permitted.
All of Life is dancing, and
the realness of You, is
not separate from this.

If you wait,
you wait for nothing.
Permission, already given;
fall, into this my friend; this
is, the only transformation.

Understood is the fear…
somehow, you could go wrong.
Completely missing the discovery,
these are the moments, that
create the most beautiful songs.

Remember? The Point.
It’s not to capture the future.
This life is a dance of the heart,
and letting go, -the only cure.

The only restriction, is
a denial that drowns your spirit.
You’re the only One who says no,
and the only voice, that will claim…
You’re worth it.