Bali Retreat in December

10 Nights In Bali with Tigmonk & Friends

December 13th - 23rd, 2017

Self Clarity

Everything Points back to a constant deepening of Self Recognition.  See this, what you are before the mind moves, and you will see the greatest gift in all of Life.  


Allow what is seen, to marinate within your core and drop into your heart center.  Replace the imagined person with the true reality of what you are, while releasing the fear of separation.  

Cosmic Play

Devote yourself to the Truth and live unhindered as you release Life to move through you, for the sake of Joy, Play, & Expansion.  Receive and Share, all that you are.  

This 10 day transformational retreat is an opportunity to recognize, embody, and express the deepest aspects of your divine nature.  This nature, is the unified Self that flows with the entire universe; not separate from, but intimately intertwined with all that is.

The intimate setting of this retreat will allow for only 20 participants, and guarantees to offer sincere connection with Tigmonk and other attendees.  With no spiritual prerequisites, you are invited to attend as you are, where you are.  The educational and experiential activities, will address the sincerity of your humanness, rather than only adding information and concepts to the mind.  

“Do not come on retreat with me to learn something new or to acquire some method or skill-set, only come with a deep willingness and sincerity to release all that is not true, so that you might dance in the brilliance of what you already are.”  ~Tigmonk


Tiger Singleton (Tigmonk)

Tigmonk, is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is an Author, Speaker, Poet, and considered by others to be a modern-day mystic (Someone in intimate communication with the source of Life). He works with groups and individuals on the subject of Self Inquiry, Self Embodiment, and Joyfully Living a Life that reflects the Heart's deepest Resonance.

"My primary intention is to engage Youth & Adults in a way that empowers them to see their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life."

Reggie RiverBear

It is one of the most ancient forms of communication and healing known to our Human Family. Through song we move past our limitations and are able to come together as One.  Reggie RiverBear, is known around the globe for her angelic like quality to hold space for inner transformation through song. 

"I invite you to sing with me, to dance, to smile, to laugh and to cry. I invite you to be moved as we dance with the Sacred Song of this Universe."

Example of Satsang with Tigmonk

Satsang, is a sanskrit word that means "a meeting with Truth." Tiger see's it as a meditative way teaching that speaks to more than just the mind. it's an opportunity to investigate the nature of Self & Life, while accessing in the heart a profound clarity about our inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life."

The Music of Reggie RiveBear

Song and Sound travel trough the layers of time and space, through the boundaries of our minds and gets down to the Source, where all can be healed and lifted, shifted back into the Light. Reggie is humbled and honored to feel the Love of the Universe flow through her in the form of song.

Location - Villa Mannao - North Kuta, Bali Indonesia

Location Subject to Change - but will remain in Bali

The Satsang Room

Peaceful Accomidations

2 Onsite & Private Pools

On Site Staff

Fellowship Dinning Hall

Relax, Embody, Play

Villa Mannao

Villa Mannao is tucked away in a quiet lane with views of swaying rice fields of Kerobokan, yet only 10 minutes by car to the beach. Set in a tropical garden are eight bedrooms with at its center not just one but two impressive open-sided living spaces with soaring columns. The atmosphere is exclusive, private, laid-back and utterly luxurious - perfect for allowing yourself to recognize and embody the truth of what you already are.


 All Meals & Snacks

Optional Airport Transport
(December 13th and 23rd Only) 

Education and Retreat Activities

Household Supplies

Not Included but Available

Optional Massages 

Transportation - Driver or Scooter 


Wine - Evenings Only

Villa Room Types & Pricing

EarlyBird Rates End September 1st

Private Room & Private Bathroom
Reg Price $3,500|Early Bird $3,300

Shared Room & Bathroom
Reg Price $2,800 | Early Bird $2,500

4 Person Room & Private Bathroom (Female)
Reg Price $2,500 |Early Bird $2,200

Reserve Your Spot

Register by September 1st, to save on Early Bird Rates


Cancellation Policy

Full Refunds Only Available within 15 days of purchase. If past that date, tickets can only be transferred to another name (or resold by you). This retreat will sell out. "If" there is anyone on the waiting list, we can offer your ticket to them and provide a 75% refund.

Questions? We will respond asap